Prize Voucher Agency Journey

Prize Voucher originated in August 2008 as an experience voucher specialist. The company quickly grew, bridging into winner and prize fulfilment, and later the recognition and rewards platform due to a demand in the market. In 2014 Prize Voucher Agency PTY LTD was born; when converted from a sole proprietor to a registered company and expanded with offices now in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

After years of experience, and two passionate directors constantly striving for excellence, the company has gone from strength to strength and has a wide bouquet of reputable clients, as well as a personalised team of professionals who customise all our solutions on the spot to seamlessly meet every campaign requirement. The result is service delivery and commitment that is unrivalled, and overall campaign success; one happy employee and consumer at a time.

As testimony to our hard work, we have received numerous awards over the years, our most recent being the Corporate Vision African Corporate Excellence Award for Best Prize Promotions Company in Africa for 2015.

Why we do what we do?

Well the short and obvious answer is passion and drive. The extended answer is that we ourselves are overachievers who continuously strive for the best for our clients. We do not deal with the norm – our offerings are unique, fun, exciting and creative. We believe that we make people happy with the prizes and rewards we facilitate on behalf of our clients, and our clients happy through service excellence, which in turn makes us happy.

What is our purpose/cause/belief?

Our purpose is to facilitate change in our client’s employees and consumers promotions: long term positive behavioural changes that synchronise with our clients’ vision or objectives. To set trends in the industry for prize and reward suggestions, as well as campaign mechanics and platforms.

We believe in making a difference in people’s lives. Firstly, to our clients by making their work load more manageable, providing unrivalled customer service and thinking on our feet. Secondly, to the employees or winners the clients have hired us to please.

People want to feel engaged, involved, noticed and rewarded – we offer the platforms that do just this. Our employee reward solutions assist HR Managers and organisations with non-monetary reward and recognition programmes for staff going above and beyond of what is expected of them. The reward process ensures that employees feel appreciated, boosts morale and improves employee engagement, thus leading to staff retention. Similarly, loyal consumers want to be rewarded for their purchase of a specific brand. They are ambassadors in the simplest form and we ensure that each promotion is a fun and exciting one which resonates with the consumer; increasing positive brand awareness, word of mouth and creating hype around the brand.

We deliver so much more value to our clients and it is encouraging to see the impact we make. Overall, we believe that dealing with Prize Voucher Agency ensures a positive brand experience time after time.  

How we do it

We aim to be best in all that we do and offer. A growing trend in the market in the last 10 years has been incentives – incentives in the form of competitions, promotions and prizes for consumers, and incentives in the form of appreciation, recognition, engagement and rewards for employees.

The difference we deliver is in the following areas:

  • Providing amazing customised prize and reward suggestions that excite people and resonate with their desires.
  • Our vast experience allows us to provide insight into all our client’s requirements, and by using us, that the best experts are running their campaigns. 
  • Solutions that make our clients’ lives easier. This includes excellent service regarding winner fulfilment, providing warehousing and logistics of the prizes and rewards, and ensuring our terms and conditions comply with South African law to ensure everyone is covered. Our full consumer promotions and employee rewards solutions ensure that we take care of everything and that the client does not need to worry about a thing.
  • Look no further if you want to ensure your campaigns are successful.

About the Directors

Justine Botes
Justine studied Events Management and had over 3 years of rewards and travel experience before opening Prize Voucher in 2008, as an ambitious and determined entrepreneur. Her passion and drive lead to customer promotional prizes and employee rewards. Justine has herself been recognised with a few prestigious awards along the way for her hard work and dedication; namely the 2nd Runner up in the National Entrepreneur Champion Award from a selection of 6 500 entries in 2012, as well as becoming a finalist in the Standard Bank Rising Star Awards in the Entrepreneur Category in 2014. Another achievement in 2014 was when the company converted to Prize Voucher Agency Pty Ltd. Today Justine believes that the company concept is simple; the objective is to change consumer behaviour with prizes, and to attribute positive employee behaviour through recognition and rewards.

Tarryn van Niekerk
After high school, Tarryn began a BA in Media and Communications and Marketing. After the 3 year undergraduate course, Tarryn completed a 1 year Honours degree in the same field. Due to a connection made from some research conducted during her Honours year, Tarryn started working immediately in 2008 with a reputable public relations agency. After 1 year with the company, it was agreed that she would explore other avenues due to a lack of passion for the PR industry. Tarryn then returned to Monash University to add an additional major to her degree in Geography and Environmental studies. Upon searching for a position of interest in 2010, Tarryn came across Prize Voucher and immediately took to the company and its objectives. After more than 6 years with the company Tarryn is now the Managing Director and shareholder of the newly converted Prize Voucher Agency Pty Ltd, a company specialising in competition management, prize sourcing, winner fulfilment, and employee engagement.

Share in our passion and allow us to add you to our list of happy customers by allowing us the pleasure of running your next employee rewards campaign or promotional competition.

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