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Your All-in-1 Points Based Reward Platform.

Reward-It-All is a unique points based reward platform that allows you to recognise and reward outstanding employees in a fun and interactive way. Whether you have 10 employees, 100 or 1000, Reward-It-All makes encouraging and acknowledging excelling employee efforts easy. This is not just a behaviour changer; it is a shift in attitude that results in positivity at its best. Enhancing employee engagement, collaboration, office moral, recognition, and everyday hard work one happy employee at a time.

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CTCT - How it Works

Welcome to the CTCT Sales Incentive Campaign…

Your portal to fantastic rewards and recognition for outstanding sales performance. This exciting new campaign is a high performance based reward and recognition scheme in which you will be recognised for exceeding both yours and your colleague’s monthly sales. As a passionate Capetonian; you were carefully selected to become part of the Come to Cape Town team, and therefore already have what it takes. You simply need to apply yourself to exceed even your own expectations.

Remember, "Nothing is impossible; the word itself says 'I'm possible!” Audrey Hepburn.

How it Works

How it works

Here's a Step-by-Step Guide of How it Works:

  1. Exceed your sales target
  2. Achieve the highest total sales for the month
  3. Become the CTCT Sales Incentive winner (1 winner per month)
  4. Receive 500 points (equivalent to R500)
  5. Spend your points on the website Reward Catalogue
  6. Revel in the recognition and rewards you have worked so hard for
So go on… show us what you are capable of!

All the greats of the business world have attributed their success to their most valuable asset; their employees. When you think about it, this makes sense, the forefront of your business is the people you hire, and are they not worth investing in? For, as Richard Branson said; it is time to “realise that the employees are the business” and “happy employees make for happy customers”.

  • Across the Board Recognition

    The platform allows for top-down, down-top and across the board recognition – from employees to managers alike. It ensures that all staff interact more: encouraging one another, acknowledging fellow achievements, and emitting appreciation through a user friendly nomination process.

  • Embracing Company Values or Targets

    It is a fun and exciting tool that allows you to reiterate company values and vision statements, while clarifying targets. Boost performance, productivity and customer service in a tangible way.

  • All-in-One Flexible Platform

    Launch within weeks with everything you need on one comprehensive points reward based platform with various inclusions available such as targeted communications and funky reminders.



Get started: All staff receive their login details to access the engaging platform


Participation: Colleagues and managers use the platform to nominate fellow performers


Rewards Shop: Winners are listed on the recognition page and receive points to redeem for amazing rewards


Result: Behaviours are changed, attitudes are adjusted and employees become engaged!

Some need to be inspired, others inspire – the Reward-It-All team are the latter. We love to energise and excite those around us promoting the 3 P’s:

Be Positive,
Perpetuate Happiness in your employees and the office, and
Always Persevere in all things business related.

Let us show you how to embrace all three. Request a free demo

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